The Biomimicry Institute wishes to ensure that all student team members participating in the Challenge do so with the knowledge and consent of their parents/guardians. As such, all student team members and their parent or guardian must review and sign the YDC Consent and Release Agreement prior to engaging in Challenge activities. Coaches are responsible for distributing the Consent and Release forms and returning them to the Institute along with a Coach’s Roster. Teams that fail to complete this paperwork will be disqualified.

Use the form below to submit your 2018-19 Youth Design Challlenge Consent and Release paper work to the Biomimicry Institute. 


  1. Download the Consent and Release form, Coach’s Roster (PDF or .xlsx versions), and (optional) cover letter. (Consent and Release Packet Zip file)
  2. Fill out the Coach’s Roster. List all students you are working with on a single roster (even if you have multiple teams).
  3. Distribute the Consent and Release forms (and letter, if using) to students and parents.
  4. Collect the completed and signed releases. 
  5. Scan all documents and save as a single PDF document, with the Coach’s Roster as a cover page. [Tip: These free apps can assist the scanning and saving process: Genius Scan - To use your smartphone as a scanner; PDF Merge - To combine several PDF files into one.)
  6. Upload your team’s paperwork using the form below. [Note: You will need to create a Submittable account to do so; your YDC log in will not work on this site.]